Adult With Autism

We all hear about autism today, the autism day, information about these conditions shared in the social media, how to integrate people with autism in daily social routines, the different kinds of autism, there is actually pretty much information nowadays to help people with this neurodevelopmental disorder. However, all the information virtually focusses only in children, and there are a lot of adults suffering different conditions inside the autism spectrum that people do not find so easy to interact with as with children.

It seems nobody care about an adult with autism, there is little information, scarce resources and too many challenges adults with autism have to face every single day. For example, public school are compelled to provide service to people with autism until they turn 22, and what happens next? Because the health care system is failing them too, there are simply not enough programs. There should be similar programs in colleges and in big multinational companies.

Depending on the degree of autism, people with this condition may want to stay with their families, but this is also partly because of the lack of resources for them in the adult world, an expensive option for the families that must choose among only a few couple of options.

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